Almost 36

“Almost 36” documents a day and a half of my life before and after a night shift. I staid awake and took a series of self portraits over the course of 35 hours and 43 minutes, noting down some “relevant” facts in between shots.

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Wake up time: 6:40 a.m

Left the bed at 7:15 a.m

8:02 – I had one cup of decaf coffee, two wheatabix, a glass of water and two slices of brown bread with spread and apricot jam. I am wearing an old t-shirt I use for sleeping and a hoodie.

9:55 – I had a shower, make up and hair done. I am wearing a comfy jumper and black trousers. I am taking my son to the playground.

13:40 – I am back home. I had a bowl of lentil soup, some cod, two crackers and two glasses of water. Also a decaf coffee and three chocolate oreo. I am wearing a hoodie over a purple top.

18:09 – I am ready to go to work until 8 a.m. I got dressed again and changed my trousers for leggings. I had a cup of decaf coffee, two slices of bread with spread and apricot jam, half of a small packet of crisps and a glass of water.


8:21 – I am back from work. I could sleep a bit during my one and a half hour break, lying on three chairs lined up against the wall. I had half bowl of lime and parsley couscous, a chocolate tablet, three lemon flavored sweeties, lots of water, a decaf coffee and a regular coffee with whole milk.

9:52 – I had a shower, and done my hair and make up again. I had a cup of strong coffee, two weetabix, and two small rolls with spread. I am wearing jeans and a black t shirt. I am going out for lunch with my son. I think I am looking fresh but I am feeling terrible.

14:17 – I am back home. I got caught on heavy rain and did not have an umbrella with me. I had a flat white and chewed pizza left overs from my son´s lunch.

17:11 – I had four cream crackers with hummus and sunkissed tomatoes, and a chewed oreo.

19:45 – I had two slices of garlic butter baguette and water. I am finally going to my bed, almost 36 hours later.