innominate1_web“I left without paying”, 2017.


innominate2_webdef“I once dressed up as a woman in a contest”, 2017.


innominate3_web“I think about you every day”, 2017


innominate4“I buy stuff online compulsively”


innominate5_web“I ate the chocolate bar”


“Innominate” is an on-going series where unknown subjects are associated with hypothetical confessions. It involves a two phased process in which I contact strangers who would like to have their portrait taken through an advert. Besides, I create a list by asking friends and relatives to tell me a secret, which could be real or not. Each of my sitters would choose a secret from the list that will become the title of their image.

The aim of the project is multiple: to explore human interaction (What makes people reply to my ad? What drives them to participate, to meet a complete stranger?) and perception and interpretation of given information (Does the viewer relate to the subjects depending on their “secret”? Do we perceive a correlation between the secret and the sitter, even though their confession is not linked to them? or is it? Why did each of them picked that particular secret?)

I greatly appreciate the generosity of all the strangers I have encountered (and the ones to come) that have collaborated with me on this project. This would mean nothing without you.